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If you've been experiencing chronic buzzing, ringing, or chirping, there is hope.


Find Hope

Hope Hearing was founded to give those suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss hope and relief.


Dispel Myths

We debunk the belief that tinnitus isn’t treatable – that it's something you just have to cope with.


Identify Causes

Research has proven we can treat tinnitus with an 80% or better success rate and treatment is seamless.


Get Relief

Almost everyone we see is a candidate and treatment is highly effective with no side effects.

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Common Tinnitus Myths

By the time people make it to our office, many have been told to "just live with" their tinnitus. Below are some common tinnitus myths.

There Are Medications For Tinnitus

Unfortunately, there is no such pill. Any changes are just the product of the placebo effect and have no long term benefits or research to prove efficacy. 

Dietary Changes Will Resolve It

This school of thought is that eliminating salt, caffeine, and/or alcohol will diminish tinnitus. We have seen patients who say that these things can enhance their tinnitus – something you should be aware of if you do notice a correlation. However, most commonly, patients report complete elimination of all those things and still experience tinnitus. Tinnitus is an altered auditory processing sound that goes beyond your diet. 

Only Those With Hearing Loss Have It

Not the case! Tinnitus and hearing loss can coexist but are separate conditions. 

Any Sounds Are All "In Your Head"

We understand the areas of the brain that tinnitus impacts. There is a place in your cortex that doesn’t allow you to control the switch to turn off tinnitus but we know what to do to help.

Others Don't Hear These Sounds

You are not alone! Millions of Americans suffer from tinnitus – one out of five people will experience tinnitus at some point in their life. 

Tinnitus Isn't Something You Can Treat

Tinnitus is treatable and treatment is easy and fits into your everyday life seamlessly and effortlessly. 

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

What Your Tinnitus
Sounds Like

We've included audio tracks below that sound like common tinnitus symptoms many of our patients describe. PLEASE NOTE: We suggest keeping your device volume on "low" since these audio tracks can be irritating at high decibels.

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Schedule A Consultation

Everyone can benefit from a consultation. People often don't realize how much their tinnitus and/or hearing is impacting them until it gets better. Research shows a huge link between the auditory system and cognitive function. Coming in for a baseline evaluation can be highly beneficial.