How To Properly Clean Your ReSound Hearing Devices

Brush Microphone Ports. 

Attempt to clear any debris near your microphone ports with the brush you received with your ReSound device. After that, you can use an electronic safe alcohol wipe to clean off the surface of your dome of your device. The dome is the piece that enters your ear, so you want to make sure it is all clear.

Remove the Dome. 

Remove the dome by placing your fingertips on the outer port and using your thumb to gently peel it off.

Replace the Filter. 

The wax filter is a very small piece located underneath the dome you just removed . With your device, you should’ve received replacement wax filters. Removing one of the replacement tabs will reveal the new filter and an additional prong to remove the existing one. Press the prong until you hear a click, then pull back to remove it. After the used one been has been removed, replace the old wax trap with the new one. As you pull away from the device, the new filter should be left behind. You can discard the used filter after this step.

Place Dome Back on Filter. 

Using your fingertip and thumb over the outer point, reposition the dome back over the new filter. You can give it a quick tug to make sure it fits snugly and is in place.

We recommend cleaning your devices at least once a month. If your device isn’t working after cleaning it, it is most likely an issue with the battery or wax filter. If this happens, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.