Meet Phil – Told To “Live With” A Sudden Change In Hearing

“I started experiencing tinnitus-like symptoms about five or six years ago. I had a severe threshold shift in my hearing, from where I worked. The tinnitus wasn’t bad then, but they said, ‘well, it is what it is, you’re gonna have to live with it’. It just kept getting worse for the last five, six years. The tinnitus was getting to the point where I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything. If my wife and I went out to eat, you couldn’t hear the conversation at the dinner table. It’s just a constant screaming in your ears.

At Hope Hearing, they’re very professional and they’re very nice. It’s not like going where I was going, where you’re just a number. Here they say, ‘Hi Phil’ as you walk in the door. I would say give Hope Hearing and Tinnitus a phone call if you’re at all interested in being treated like a human being.”