Meet John & Nanci – John’s Treatment Has Been Life-Changing

“Throughout my childhood, I was constantly experiencing hearing difficulties. I don’t ever remember not having my ears ring and it never goes away.

A former co-worker of mine had come here and experienced really good results. I’m also very happy with the results and I only wish I would’ve done it a lot sooner. I think the greatest reward I’ve experienced is being able to hear my granddaughters very clearly. The treatment has actually benefited both of us a great deal. The TV is no longer set at a high volume, and now sits at about half at what it used to be.

This has definitely become a life-changing event, and I wonder at times about the things I’ve missed out on or things I’ve misinterpreted. When you are going through a hearing issue, you never know what you are missing. With Hope Hearing, you have every opportunity to gain your hearing back.

The staff at Hope Hearing has been amazing. They want to make sure the steps that they are taking lead to a good solution for you. They are not looking to just “fix” something, but they want to make sure you hear well all the time. When you call in for an appointment, you can tell from the reception staff that you are brought into a very friendly environment where everyone is working towards improving your quality of life. I feel that people who have some any sort of hearing loss should take the time to come in. You owe it to yourself.”