Meet Chuck – Lifelong Tinnitus Made Worse By Boiler Noise Exposure

“Well, I started to notice my tinnitus back when I was in high school. It kind of gradually started then, and it’s been getting worse ever since. I’ve (also) worked on boilers and that really didn’t help it at all. We decided to come to Hope Hearing because we looked at other hearing aid places and we found that Hope Hearing was focused on tinnitus, and that was part of – or most of – my problem. 

I’m only a year into it and I think they say it takes some time to really get the full benefit, but it’s looking positive. Like maybe we could get rid of this. The staff and Dr. Kellogg are just so pleasant. You walk in here and they make you feel right at home. It’s not sterile like when you go to many doctors offices. They are friendly and it’s like a family.”