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A Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Treatment Clinic Serving Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Tinnitus Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, tinnitus can be treated. One in five people experience tinnitus-related symptoms in their lifetime. Find out more about our evidence-based therapy, listen to sounds that may match your symptoms, and find resources that may help you understand root causes.

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Hearing Loss Treatment

Get the right fit and diagnosis for your hearing condition and lifestyle. Hearing device technology is the best it has ever been. Don't let difficulty hearing create a barrier between you and your friends and family – reclaim your life now.

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Meet Dr. Beki Kellogg

Dr. Beki Kellogg graduated from Baylor University in 2005 and completed a four year audiology doctoral program at the University of North Texas in 2009. She founded Hope Hearing to give those seeking hearing amplification and tinnitus treatment a quality audiology practice to call their own.

Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Patient Testimonials

Hear from our patients why Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center is Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa's choice for unparalleled care and treatment for hearing-related ailments including tinnitus, hyperacusis and hearing loss symptoms.

What Our Patients Have Said

In Their Own Words

"I feel fortunate to have found this group for my hearing needs. Dr. Beki does an awesome job, but the rest of her team is top notch as well. Super friendly and responsive to your needs and concerns. Dedicated full service hearing professionals! So, much more than just tinnitus treatment."

Paul Sale / Patient

"I really cannot say enough about everyone at Hope Hearing and Tinnitus Center! They are always friendly and helpful. The stress and anxiety caused by my tinnitus has lessened significantly. I am looking forward to continuing with good results from the therapy."

Becky Weiss / Patient

"Hope Hearing has made a major positive difference in my life. I have lived with tinnitus for at least five years. Dr. Kellogg and Heather diagnosed and treated my case and have given me a vastly improved quality of life. In 10 months of therapy, my tinnitus is almost completely eliminated and I now enjoy a life free of the constant noise caused by tinnitus."

Rick Mason / Patient

"I can't thank Dr. Beki and the girls enough for their help. After having my first daughter in 2019, I experienced tinnitus in both ears almost daily. I wear the devices for a couple hours per day – the sound is so soothing, I enjoy wearing them. I couldn't be happier with the results. That annoying ringing in my ears is finally gone."

Nicole Taylor / Patient

"Terrific staff – thoughtful, sensitive to my needs, with great follow-through. What's even more amazing is that I hardly notice my tinnitus anymore. I actually have to stop and think about it before I notice it. I now hear sounds I haven't heard in over 10 years. Quality of life is dramatically improved."

Jason Wright / Patient

"These folks are great – they are always cheery and polite from the moment you enter the door until you leave. They will help you with your problems, they will find solutions, and if your devices decide to act up, they will fix that too. Warm atmosphere and very nice people there. Would recommend to anyone."

Travis Broell / Patient
Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Communities We Serve

The goal of the staff at Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center is to treat every client in the Midwest suffering from tinnitus, hyperacusis or hearing loss symptoms. We proudly serve, but are not limited to, these communities near you.